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Faber Technicus
Slice of Heaven
Inspiratio Optimé
Thai Lanna
Kiwi @ Hand
Mike Oldfield

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Read about Faber Optimé professional services and/or obtain products.


Whilst the vast majority of Faber Optimé's work is commercial and in confidence, some (privately generated/maintained) products and information resources are freely provided here.

  •  Faber Technicus*

    Comprising a diverse array of assorted technical articles, tutorials and answers to questions thought to be of possible usefulness/interest to a wider audience.


  •  Slice of Heaven

    A collection of pictures and articles about various trips, travels, learning and experiences around Britain and New Zealand.
    In particular, aspects of New Zealand and Maori culture are addressed in depth.

    • This site is a great example of the general quality of work and web site publishing skills.

    • Some of this material has been licensed for use by the New Zealand Government in overseas promotions.

  •  DVD Entertainment

    DVD collection online library.


  •  Inspiratio Optimé*

    Ideas welling from the fount of Faber Optimé.

    You saw it here first!

    Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all the content of this section is original work, with all rights reserved - but if you like what you see, why not drop us a line?


  •  Effluvia*

    Random musings and whimsy.


* - You can get the latest from these sections for free by subscribing to email updates/RSS newsfeed, using the form at the page top right.


Professional Services

Providing cutting edge technology solutions and consultative analysis and design services.

Primary skills reside in the domain of complex information systems. Do get in touch to talk about your scalable database and information systems needs. Using best of breed technologies and recognised best business practices, highly cost-effective advice is the aim.

From consultancy to directly providing integrated solutions that both deliver long-term and make the most of your IS/IT investment.

Please get in touch for a free initial consultation to discuss your requirements.


Retired Products

A couple of more aged examples of work, preserved here for posterity.

  •  Thai Lanna

    The online store/web site for a Thai goods retail company (now defunct).

  •  Kiwi @ Hand

    Now no longer supported, Kiwi @ Hand was an information service providing timely and relevant information for New Zealanders - both directly via the World Wide Web and in particular for mobile computer users.

    • A good example of Internet mobile computing applications.

    Please Note:

    • This site was intended as a proof of concept.

      It provided a working example of the AvantGo Mobile Internet Service, and some of its potential uses.

      It was never intended for any direct commercial exploitation.


  •  Mike Oldfield

    Produced for an university assignment, this site is about Mike Oldfield.

    • An aged example of analysis and HTML skills.

    Please Note:

    • The majority of the site's structure and content reflects the specific academic objectives of the assignment, and should not be taken as representative in any other way.


    • The site content has not been maintained, therefore due to the passage of time, some of the external hyperlinks may now be dead (alas).

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